The Texas Association of Mid-Size Schools mission is to impact the state's school finance system in order to obtain equitable funding of education resources while addressing disparities in size and diseconomies of scale.

TAMS pledges to actively participate in the legislative process to insure continued support for the unique financial needs of districts up to 5000 regular ADA.


The Texas Association of Mid-Size Schools (TAMS) is recognized for its leadership in establishing the Mid-Size District Adjustment in calculating state aid for all qualifying districts. The basic allotment of a school district that offers a kindergarten through grade 12 program and has less than 5,000 students in regular daily attendance is adjusted by applying a mid-size school formula. The initial 1996 funding formula was a progressive scale with a multiplier of .0000045 and has increased annually to the present multiplier of .000025 in 2001.

The goals for TAMS are:

  • To ensure that all mid-size school districts have the
    opportunity to benefit from the mid-size school formula.
  • To ensure that any legislative changes in students and district
    programs will enhance funding opportunities for all mid-size schools.
  • To promote the interests of students in mid-size schools
    through active participation in the legislative process.

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