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  • Of the 1025 total public school districts statewide, 194 (18.9%) are mid-size (MS) defined by an average daily attendance (ADA) ranging from 1600 to 5000.
  • The average per school impact of the MS funding formula is $906,693.
  • The average adjusted target revenue per WADA for MS schools that benefit from the MS adjustment is $5,276.
  • Of the 4.7 million total students statewide, MS schools serve approximately 594,000 (13%) of these students with this same percentage reflected in both the ADA and the weighted average daily attendance (WADA): 7% of these students are limited English proficient (LEP) 12% of these students are at-risk. 12% are economically disadvantaged.
  • Of the 633,829 total staff employed statewide, MS schools employ 84,808 (13%).
  • Of the 330,289 total teachers statewide with an average experience of 11 years, MS schools employ 43,304 (13%) with an average experience of 12 years.
  • 93% of the MS schools meet or exceed state accountability standards for student performance.
  • MS schools demonstrate a 95.7% attendance rate.
  • MS schools demonstrate an 85.9% graduation rate.
  • Under the current funding formulas of House Bill (HB) 3646, 236 (23%) public school districts statewide benefit to varying degrees from the MS adjustment; although, 42 of these districts do not conform to the aforementioned definition.
  • The MS funding formula adjustment currently produces state revenue in the average amounts of $359 per ADA and $254 per WADA.
  • On a per school average comparison between MS schools and all schools state wide, MS schools spend $1,210.00 (14%) less on maintenance & operations (M&O) program costs per student.
  • On a per school average comparison between MS schools and all schools state wide, MS schools spend $777.00 (14%) less on M&O instructional costs per student.
  • On a comparative basis between MS schools and all schools statewide, MS schools' average teacher salary is $3,147.00 (6%) less.

Points to Advocate:

  • Consider maintaining (at a minimum) and/or updating the MS funding formula adjustment to close the existing gaps in M&O program and instructional costs per student and the average teacher salaries.
  • Consider funding the Basic Allotment at an appropriate level with discretionary use of categorical funding.
  • Consider an inflationary index to offset such rising annual operating costs and all unfunded/underfunded mandates.

* Prepared in 2010

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